About the author

A.B. Kyazze is a British-American writer and photographer. She has spent more than 18 years writing and taking photographs on humanitarian crises across the globe in Africa, Asia and Southern Europe.


Her debut novel, Into the Mouth of the Lion, will be published by Unbound in May 2021.  Her photographs and non-fiction work have been published in travel magazines, The Huffington Post, The Washington Times, Medium and other places.


She was long listed for the Mslexia Women’s First Novel Prize in 2017.


She also writes short stories. Her short stories were selected as story of the month for the Byte the Book network in May  & September 2020. Other recent publications include a short story in The Great Lakes Review and in the National Anthology of Flash Fiction 2019.


She lives in Southeast London with her young family, and is working on a series of novels set in Darfur, Eastern Congo, Paris, London and Boston. Find out more here  or on twitter  @abkwriting

All text and images (c) 2021 by A.B. Kyazze. All rights reserved

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