Photography - Humanity in the Landscape

A.B. Kyazze has been an international photographer since 1996, when she worked in Nepal and then mounted a solo photography show in May 1997 in New York. Since then she has brought her camera with her in her humanitarian work and travels, and shot in more than 40 countries. The photographs of 15 years of work (1996-2012) were collected in the Humanity in the Landscape  series, published with Blurb books in 2013. These three books, with the themes of Conflict & Peace, Rural & Urban, and Work & Play, are available to buy here.

Urbanity in the landscape series

Since moving back to London in 2004, A.B. Kyazze has further explored the urban landscape in a playful and creative way. She finds unexpected moments of humanity interacting with graffiti, dilapidation and creative (re)construction. Watch this space for new developments coming in 2020.

All text and images (c) 2021 by A.B. Kyazze. All rights reserved

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